Many of your visitors never return. Either because they do not think about coming back, because your content is not changing very often or never at all. Who is going to read the same page twice, right?

The Snyke web monitoring bot makes it possible address this problem and allows you to integrate a link to the Snyke service. Your visitors will be able to put your site under surveillance and return as soon as new information will be available (change of content, evolution of a numerical value, appearance of certain key words).

For a better fit we can prepare a custom color scheme for your website. (Please contact us)

Check website Up-Time

What’s more annoying than hearing from your visitors, that your site was unavailable for an hour of high traffic. Snyke allows you to control if  your site is accessible from our platform. In case of unavailability, Snyke will automatically notify you via e-mail.

 Enable backup or control scripts periodically:

Whatever your host might be, Snyke can call your scripts (php, perl, …) to a period that you define. For example to make backups of your databases, generate dashboards (statistics), sending mails at fixed times, you just give the URL and interval and Snyke takes care of everything else and alerts you if your script returns a mistake.

Victim of hacking 

Absolute security does not exist. Many sites were hacked for several hours / days before someone noticed the problem. Snyke can use the “change content” feature to immediately detect a change of content at any page. You will be promptly notified of any changes.

Watch specialist sites for alerts on the tools you use and monitor update availability at publishers. This will protect you in the best way.

Control your links (internal / external):

You can not continuously monitor your external links. Simply put these links under surveillance and according to your choice, you will be warned as soon as a change or an error occurs.