Personal Use

Snyke For Personal Use

  • News: all news sources can be monitored with Snyke. It warns you as soon as a page is updated or one of your keywords appears.
  • Exchange: Snyke allows you to place alerts on stock market values ​​and warns you about a crossing threshold. The bot can follow news feeds and warn you as soon as a particular value changes above or below a threshold. The bot gathers all your monitoring configurations in one place.
  • Classifieds: Looking for accommodation, a car or something else, Snyke alerts you as soon as a new ad is available on the pages you’ve selected.
  • Auctions, prices, weather, any numerical value can be monitored with our surveillance bot.

The advantages of our online monitoring agent:

Snyke monitors the web without downtime and does not require you to be connected to the internet.

The bot does not slow down your web browsing. Your bandwidth is not compromised and remains fully available for optimal browsing.

You can access data from any computer. Whether you are at home, on holiday or at your workstation Snyke remains accessible through its online web interface.

It does not require any installation on your computer and does not create a potential security issues.

It is compatible with the latest browsers and works on any operating system. Snyke is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Aix, …

Constantly updated. Sit back and relax – FREE updates for life!