Control the indicators of your business:

Your company operates in an economic, commercial and social sphere that is difficult to understand in a holistic way. Different indicators define the companies environment. Snyke helps you monitor different indicators. The automation of surveillance allows you to follow any indicators that are important to your company.

Competition analysis:

New products, price changes – ┬áSnyke monitors your competitors websites.

Control your own company’s in house indicators:

Installed in your intranet, Snyke is able to monitor all the values you need. Via the online dashboard you will receive an alert that these predefined values have changed.

Brand Monitoring:

Internet is a very powerful tool. A rumor (good or bad) that is detected quickly is easier to control. Snyke alerts you as soon as your company or your brand name is mentioned on the pages you have selected.

Spend less, Earn more:

By unloading yourself from repetitive tasks, you optimize performance and improve the effectiveness of your monitoring. Automation reduces the risk of missing important information.

Email Marketing Software and Monitoring:

Snyke.com has just developed a new eCommerce and email marketing software which is monitoring different competitours pricing and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. You can get more info about the new email marketing tool here.