Monitors, Detects, Alerts

snyke online business monitoring workflow
1. Set up an alert event 2. Set up the webpage you wish to monitor 3. SnykeBot does the rest!

Why, for who is it meant for?

  • Be informed about the topic-niches of your choice
  • Only read pages that are useful to you and save time
  • Know real-time changes of content from sites of your selection.

Agent Snyke is where you are not and informs you of any changes. We like to put it against other “intelligent agents”. You can read more about the basics of web monitoring on this wikipedia page.

Snyke monitors web pages, immediately detects changes and warns you of any useful information that might have been updated. Snyke monitors news, sports results, lotteries, stock exchange, classifieds, job search. It helps you on a daily basis and saves you time.

Companies and online businesses: essential support for your strategic intelligence unit, Snyke helps monitor your competitors, economic or financial indicators, rates, prices, and any other textual or numerical data. You can also use it as an online marketing tool.

Webmasters: Is your site always online, maybe a victim of “piracy”? Snyke smart crawler monitors your website or home page and can notify you in the event of an attack.

Submit the Snyke service agent on your pages and they will come back if changes to your site are of interest to them. Snyke can also reduce your bandwidth usage – it reads your page only once and serves it to users.

Snyke allows you to:

  • Choose your sources on the WEB (several thousand if you wish).
  • Monitor these sources (custom interval).
  • Define simple or complex rules for information analysis.
  • Set up a custom alert after a triggering condition (mail, SMS, …).

Snyke knows how to:

  • Detect changes of content in a web page,
  • Detect the appearance of the keywords you have defined
  • Monitor a numeric value in a page. Snyke is the first “smart monitor agent” to offer this.


Snyke offers services tailored to your needs:

  • FREE online service from your browser.
  • Dedicated service for companies.
  • Infrastructure with a personalized solution and advanced features.

Consult us for a personalized study.


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