Custom Web Monitoring For an Finance Website

Since we move over from our web monitoring agent to open a development agency, we are getting different clients, from any industry you can imagine.

Our last project was for a investment website, who needed the following monitoring:

  • website uptime
  • external link monitoring
  • live gold, silver, platinum, palladium and bitcoin price monitoring
  • monitoring the top authority websites for any mentions of KW

Uptime monitoring for a high traffic page – Bitcoin IRA

monitoring for investment websiteAs snyke bot was originally designed to do just that, we already had something to build on, but still had to build it from the ground up, to keep it up to date and better the old bot we have developed years ago. First off, we built an uptime monitor which checked any response time problems the site would have. As their page on how to invest in a bitcoin Individual Retirement Account was receiving a lot of traffic, any downtime would result in a lot of lost traffic and potential customers. Another high traffic page they have is the one where they review the gold IRA rollover process. We came up with a nifty solution that went in and checked the servers response every 10 minutes and if the response time was more than 8 seconds, it would check other pages on the website to see if it was online.

For the external link monitoring on their investment site ( we set the frequency to 5 days and our bot would go in and check all the pages on this precious metals website to check for any new links. The reason behind this is that their contributors sometimes put in to many links on a page to websites not in the gold investing niche, which makes the overall authority of the site suffer. You can check out this page they have on buying precious metals and cryptocurrencies. They have also put together a great guide on how to buy physical gold bullion bars, coins and rounds.

Being a financial and investment website, they needed a good source for their live precious metals pricing. After their in house developers searched for a reliable API and failed, we decided to use our monitoring software to pull live gold, silver, platinum, palladium and bitcoin price directly from a website. Whenever the price changed, our bot would pull in data and send it over to spot price widget.

The last thing we did was to setup a monitoring bot on the top authority websites in the industry and look for any keyword or brand mentions of and reveal any opportunities to be the first to report on a subject in the gold and alternative investment niche.

If you want to learn more about alternative investmenst, specifically investing in gold, check out their review of the best companies or check out this short video they put together.

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