SnykeBot For Forex Signals

Having the technology to monitor websites as well as some softwares, we were recently approached with another project, this time for a forex trading software. The idea behind it was quite simple…

currency trading monitoring

To build a monitoring agent that would track how well certain currency pairs are performing inside a custom built software. The way we approached it is to build a custom alert for when a certain pair value fell under the desired value.

The technology was already there, as we could use the monitoring agent we developed years ago. The software we developed this for was the market analyzing software by complete currency trader. As things are updating every micro second in the software, our monitor was set to look for changes every 2 miliseconds. That way we ensured the high quality monitor the financial market need.

Unfortunately we cannot share any more information, because it is a in house software for their own traders. You can go to the website to find out more, if you are interested.