What is the Snyke Agent:

It is a Web page “Monitoring Agent“, meaning that it supports a set of repetitive tasks for your account and warns you when it detects an change according to your set of rules. It is the first agent that allows monitoring of numerical values ​​in web pages and thus opens the door to new capabilities for surveillance agents.

Many of the pages you follow online are mostly static and changes take place only occasionally. Yet, sometimes it is important to be quickly informed about content that has been changed or updated. Whether it is topical new, an evolving index, a price that falls, there are many reasons you want to be informed quickly on the subject.


Thanks to the automation of tasks you will be able to oversee more sites, more pages because all the pages that you have already read are no longer under alerts.

Because Agent Snyke and his robot Snykebot work day and night, you will be alerted very quickly of any changes taking place!

Snyke online agent is up and running 24/7.


The SnyKe agent allows you to define several types of alerts depending on the type of monitoring you want:

  • Tracking Values
  • Change of content
  • Appearance of keywords

How does it work:

snyke online business monitoring workflow
1. Set Tracking Value 2. Content Changes 3. Snyke Bot Sends Notification

When you register, a bandwidth space is reserved for you. After you log in, you can view your dashboard or view all monitored pages.

At any time you can add / modify / delete a monitoring.

When an alert condition is met, Snyke sends you an e-mail, places the warning signal in your dashboard and waits for your acknowledgment to resume monitoring. You acknowledge the alert by simply clicking on the alert symbol in your dashboard.


Generic tool Snyke adapts to all types of use.

Personal Use: Snyke alerts you to the practical information you have chosen. See our Online Business and Marketing – Personal Use Example.

Webmasters: Snyke checks your visitors, performs technical checks on your site, connectivity, dead links, … See our examples for Webmasters.

Enterprise: decision-making, monitoring units/prices, Snyke follows strategic indicators for your niche/business. Competition, price, stock market, Snyke allows to control more and spend less. This is especially important if you are running any online business or marketing campaigns. See our business monitoring example.

What Snyke is not

Snyke is not a search agent, nor a portal, nor a strategic intelligence advisor. We do not provide links to content producers. It is up to you to choose your sources and put it under surveillance with Snyke.

However you can find assistance and information on our forums if necessary.